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Home » Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

by Danti

Understand Issachar!

Our God is a God of order and wisdom. In His covenant plan, He promised Abraham land, children, and prosperity. He determined the boundaries of that land, and then eventually changed the name of Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, to Israel, the name of the land. Jacob had sons, who became twelve tribes who were each a part of the whole land of Israel. If we bless Israel, we are blessed with all the covenant blessings of the original promise to Abraham. Each tribe of Israel had a redemptive blessing.
When God brought this people out of slavery in Egypt to move toward the promised land, He brought them out by armies. Each tribe was a warring army with a redemptive gift. Without each tribe warring for their portion, the full plan of God for the land, called Israel, could not be fully manifested in the earth.
They moved toward their promise as the trumpet sounded and His presence, which was central, shifted them toward their destiny. Three of the twelve tribes moved together. Judah, the apostolic warring leadership tribe who understood sound, moved first. Then came Issachar, the Torah tribe, who would bear the burden for victory and wages. This tribe understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time. They were connected to Zebulun, the wealth tribe, because provision for the journey and the supply for victory were important.

Jesus, Yeshua, our Messiah was out of the tribe of Judah. His obedience of submission, brought about the fullness of Father’s plan to redeem man. He became the Passover Lamb to bring all of mankind out of slavery and death. When Israel rejected Him as their Savior, He turned His heart toward the Gentiles. He grafted us into this glorious covenant that God made with Abraham. His plan, the New Covenant, allowed the redemptive quality of each tribe to come alive in us. This will allow us to see His plan for Israel fulfilled and His glory cover the whole earth. Through the Gentiles receiving grace and power to become sons of God, Israel is now becoming jealous and turning toward their Messiah. There will be no wall between Jew and Gentile in the future-they will be One…MORE 

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Chuck Pierce:Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

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