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Home » Congresswoman Says Her Biggest Job in Washington is Ministering

Congresswoman Says Her Biggest Job in Washington is Ministering

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how Congresswoman Noem says her biggest job in Washington D.C. is ministering.  According to CBN News “She’s making her mark not just within the Republican Party but in the kingdom of God, too. And she’s had to overcome many challenges along the way.”  Congresswoman Noem is from South Dakota and is very passionate about her role both as a mother and congresswoman.  “I am 100 percent convinced God created me to be a mom,” Noem told CBN News at her home in Castlewood, S.D. “Every other job that I have or duty that I have is just extra things that He’s put on my plate.”  After trying to get several bills through unsuccessfully she has come to the conclusion that God has more for her to do.  “You know He placed me there, yes, to work on policy, but maybe my biggest job was to minister to individuals,” she said.  Noem said she spends her time not just trying to change minds on policy but trying to change hearts as an effective witness in a city with desperate needs.”  They continue to discuss how congresswoman Noem is an answer to prayer.  An elected official who loves God and country in that order and that she sees an opportunity to minister elected officials one heart at a time.
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