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LISTEN NOW! Greg encourages us to begin a Kingdom Impact 100 group in our cities.  Essentially this would be a group of one hundred believers who contribute $1,000 each.   Collectively they would have $100,000 dollars at their disposal to invest in charities, groups and initiatives that would advance the kingdom of God.  Instead of being concerned with the removal of the Ten Commandments from Federal property buy land and put up the Ten Commandments for all to see.  He also shares how erecting phone prayer booths like what has been done in Kansas is a good start as well.  Kingdom Impact 100 will you start one in your city?

4. https://vfntv.com/media/audios/highlights/2013/dec/12-06-13/120613HL-3%20Children%20Childless%20by%20Choice.mp3



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