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Living a Regret Free Life


LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss having a regret free life.  They continue to share about a time years ago when Greg and Pat were visiting together.  They happened to see on television that an airliner crashed in Canada.  Greg asked Pat if he was on the plane and died would you have any regrets?  At that moment Pat said he would have a lot of regrets.  Many today are disconnected, they are staying up all hours of the night watching TV and surfing the internet and before you know it 45 minutes was spent on nothing.  This is a common occurrence for many people today they are totally asleep.  They further discuss how the country of Belgium has overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow children to be euthanized in the country already allows euthanasia for adults according to CBN News.  They continue to ask if you were euthanized would have any regrets?  Many think they can predict the end of their life.  Satan is working overtime to end mankind.  Have your raised your children? Are we parenting them and offering them help?  The moment you die you will stand before God. The question is will you have regrets? Give your life to God and live a regret free life.


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