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Home » Ministering to Nelson Mandela

Ministering to Nelson Mandela

by Zhukovsky

LISTEN NOW! As Greg and Pat discuss how Nelson Mandela was reached for the Kingdom of God.  They continue to discuss how an evangelist from South Africa says he believes the Gospel profoundly affected Nelson Mandela’s outlook as he re-entered politics after his years in prison according to CBN News.  It is believed Mandela was greatly influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ while he was in prison.  CBN reports “Evangelist Michael Cassidy said Billy Graham asked him to visit Mandela in 1992 in response to a letter Mandela had written to Graham after he left prison.  “I personally like to believe that the Christian Gospel also informed his responses. It wasn’t just pragmatic politics. These were principles in his heart, soul and mind that he had come to believe were right,” he continued.”


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