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Home » VFNRadio First Hour December 10, 2013

VFNRadio First Hour December 10, 2013


       Memorial Service for South African President Nelson Mandela: A Man that Stood Against Injustice

LISTEN NOW!  Greg and Pat discuss the memorial service held in South Africa for Nelson Mandela.  Today marks the day the world remembers a powerful man that brought transformation to South Africa.  Leaders from around the world gathered in the same soccer stadium where the South African rugby team won the 1995 World Cup which Mandela used as a way to unify the country.  It is important to remember that without Mandela taking a stand, black South Africans would still be in bondage.  In the same way without George Washington and his rag tag army we would still be under Great Britain.  When we have perspective we can begin to see more clearly as to why President Barack Obama who has African roots would sent back the bust of Winston Churchill who represented a period of Great Britain’s colonization of Africa.  They further discuss Mandela’s wise plan to unify his nation through South Africa’s rugby team winning the world cup.  This amazing moment in South Africa’s history was commemorated in the movie “Invictus”.  They continue to discuss the stirring moment when the first African American spoke and honored the first black South African President.  This was truly a historic event that brought the attention of the world to pause to honor the greatest son of South Africa.  They continued to discuss how the stadium was filled with South Africans singing and dancing in the celebration of Mandela’s life and legacy.  They continue to discuss the movie “2016: Obama’s America”.  This movie in part discussed the colonization of Africa again giving us perspective on how this affected Africans.  The truth is that Mandela was tortured.  President Obama’s own grandfather was tortured in Kenya.   They continued to ask the question what does the end of Obama’s term look like?  Could we really be going back to colonization?  Nelson Mandela was one who stood up.  The call on Mandela’s life was so strong he could not be stopped amidst being in prison he was still able to have a profound effect on the nation.  They encourage us to be a George Washington, to be a Nelson Mandela and be willing to stand against unjust suffering.  Be a person who stands for God and truth. 


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