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Home » VFNRadio First Hour December 12, 2013

VFNRadio First Hour December 12, 2013


           Arab Christian beat for Joining Israel’s Military
LISTEN NOW! As Greg and Pat discuss what happens to people who stand with Israel.  They continued to discuss how the Jerusalem Post reports that in the past year the number of Christians enlisting in the IDF, Israeli Defense Force has doubled.   They continue to share that the Jerusalem Post reports that allegedly a Hadash activist attacked the son of a Greek Orthodox priest because he supports the enlistment of Christian Arabs in the IDF.  He was beat with a stick.  This is what has happened historically. This is the epitome of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities.  All this young man and family did was stand up and was attacked. 
      Is Iran Becoming The New Superpower?  Move Over America; Is Iran the New Super Power on the Block?
 As Greg and Pat discuss whether Iran is becoming the new super power.  CBN reports that “President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is coming under fire after signing the Geneva Accords with Iran last month.  A number of America’s traditional allies are asking if the United States is losing its influence in the Middle East. Many experts see a stronger Iran, a weaker America and a region tottering on the brink.”  They continue to discuss how Iran is being perceived in the Middle East as a new superpower and the United States is weakening.  We are seeing prophecy being fulfilled.  Iran has an apocalyptic government and they are being allowed to develop nuclear bombs; there will be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.   We have already seen how the Arab League turned over to Russia.  We must stand up for Israel.  We are entering times that test men souls, look up for your redemption draws nigh.  Those in the Middle East are actually saying that America will soon be gone.  This is happening all the while the United States forced Prime Minister Netanyahu to seek help from Russia no less.  This is your time to stand.  In the past year the number of Christians that have enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force to help Israel has doubled.  At the same time the Secretary of State John Kerry, is urging lawmakers to stop sanctions against Iran.  This will not end well. 
 Is  the Secretary of State throwing Israel Under the Bus by Urging Lawmakers to Stop New Sanctions on Iran?

As Greg and Pat discuss whether Secretary of State John Kerry, is throwing Israel under the bus as he encourages lawmakers to refrain from imposing new sanctions on Iran.  CBN News reports that, “In an agreement reached last month, Iran agreed to stop enriching Uranium over the next six months; but, it was in exchange for the U.S. not to impose new sanctions during that period.”   They continue to discuss that it’s not wrong to do what your told however it does matter who is the one telling you what to do?  They continue to reiterate the importance of praying for our leaders.  We have leaders who have different viewpoints of America.  They were seeking a transformational presidency that would bring fundamental change.  There is large number of people that are behind this.  Secretary John Kerry is saying, do no put new sanctions on Iran almost as if he is buying time, 6 months specifically ends up right around the four blood moons.  We are seeing a battle for Jerusalem unfold; they are using Alinsky tactics and Secretary of State Kerry is okay leading it all the while Israel becomes a sitting duck.  Is Israel being thrown under the bus.? It’s time for the church to rise up and not get caught up in the horizontal and understand the need to stand for God and Israel.   They encourage us to focus on knowing the Lord and he will take care of us.   


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