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Home » VFNRadio First Hour December 18, 2013

VFNRadio First Hour December 18, 2013


          What’s Really Going with the Affordable Health Care Act? You May Be Surprised? 
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss what’s really going on with the Affordable Health Care Act (AHC)?  What they discuss may surprise you.   They continue to shed some light as to what is truly happening with AHC as the President’s poll numbers are reportedly as worse as President Nixon.  What we are seeing is classic Alinsky 101 which results in a mob mentality pushing for what they think they want.  We saw this during the time Jesus walked the face of the earth.  The mob was so stirred and organized that they formed a mob shouting for Barabbas to be set free instead of Jesus.  They built a narrative around one goal, crucify him.  They polarized Jesus.  Who would thought that they would be chanting and insisting let his blood be on our heads.  Those who voted for President Obama are now against him.  They thought they were voting for AHC, Affordable HealthCare Act, but instead they really voted for OPM, Other People’s Money.    That’s what it’s all about creating tension, struggle, depolarize, and then settle.  It’s not about a website where we are going with this is a single payer plan as then Senator Barack Obama was advocating.  They continue to discuss how organizing is not wrong it’s the motives behind the organizing is what matters.  President Obama taught Saul Alinksy methods of organizing and even Hilary Clinton wrote a now sealed up paper on Saul Alinksy tactics.  This ends up with a 100% tax and enslavement because the government will take care of your needs.  What we are seeing is the humbling of a nation.  Obama Care will suddenly switch.  They continue to discuss the whiteboard presentation explaining how the affordable healthcare act or Obama Care will work and the benefits that will be provided.   
They further discuss how a biblical perspective is much needed.  If you simply go out running with a sign protesting healthcare you are being used for evil.  God cares how we respond to those who need help.  They continue to discuss how they see that what they are trying to do is to create a system that hires the doctors and control what the hospitals do in order to control one third of the economy.  Whoever controls the money controls the destiny.  If you control the gross national product then you as the government, as the “king” can determine what happens to this nation.  What you are basically hearing is, I will give you splendor, I will give you glory if you just bow down and give me the economy.  This is very similar to what satan did when he tried to offer Jesus anything if He would bow down to him. 
They further discuss how the bill is coming.  Coming in January a fine is coming for those who do not sign up for health insurance.  Some think they just won’t sign up not knowing that their fine will be taken right from their tax returns.    They also discuss how the FCC and the FDA are merging together.  What’s happening is that we are being organized.  Our administration has been upfront since day one when he said we are no longer a Christian nation.  He also said I am a Christian like most Christians.  You can either be offended by what he said or maybe realize that he may just be a truth bearer.  The Goal of this plan is a single payer option, 100% tax and the government pays for it all.  The reality is that if the government fully took over healthcare we can assume it would look a lot like other institutions the government takes over and manages today.  The government does not make any money it just simply manages and spends.  You give them your money and they spend it.  Look at how the government manages the Department of Motor Vehicle, the U.S. Post Office, and Amtrak do you really want them managing your healthcare?  When the people voted they didn’t vote for the Affordable Health Care act what they voted for was OPM, other people’s money but what they found out what they are getting is MMP, my money policy.  What they wanted was a free lunch.  As Christians we need to know how to respond to people who need to be taken care of.  It requires sacrifice. 
At the same time what we see happening in our government gives us great insight as to how things are progressing.  The Federal Drug Administration, FDA, and the Federal Communications Commissions, FCC, are merging together with mobile technology to manage your healthcare.   The integration with technology and these agencies have the potential to update your doctors as to your eating habits, exercise or lack thereof.  There still are people who want to discuss personal things with their doctors.  We mustn’t forget that America is being organized for a reason.  God’s people have rebelled against God.  The only way out is repentance. The idolatry in their heart gave them a way to go in but repentance will bring them out.  God says it’s not about you.  If we don’t repent it will not end up good.  This current Presidency has a desire to manage health care and control the economy and at that point we will see the transition from president to king. 
The end game is to manage healthcare by integrating healthcare and technology by putting everything on the phone resulting in controlling one third of the economy.  Whoever controls the economy controls the destiny of the nation. 
                 America is simply responding the same way a dog responds to treats.  If we stay on this path as a nation in 10 years we will not be  government and healthcare we will have an entirely new America.  Greg continues to share that although he saw America being chained repeatedly she broke loose but she has to do what’s right.  You got to do what’s right.  Cain had envy in his heart.  Why don’t you do what’s right America, sin is crouching at your door. Do what’s right and abide with God.


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