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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour December 10,2013

VFNRadio Second Hour December 10,2013


      Are You Jonah? What Epic Outcome Weighs in the Balance?
LISTEN NOW! As Greg and Pat ask the question; are you Jonah?  They continue to discuss how God is speaking and based upon what He has shown and revealed it is going to be rough.  At the same time God is waiting for people to respond.  The citizens of Nineveh, in the Bible, weighed in the balance of one man’s obedience, a man named Jonah.  It’s important to note that it’s not about Jonah or Nineveh, it’s about God.  Jonah’s concern was that the people would receive forgiveness; the truth is we must check our hearts if we want to see people wiped out for their disobedience towards God.  This is surely not God’s desire.  The truth is that the people of Nineveh did not know what Jonah knew.  Today America is a lot like Nineveh.  Entire cities weigh in the balance and America is on the verge of being destroyed as we know it.  America is waiting on you Jonah!  People need a chance to repent and to turn to God.  How many people today know that America is shaking and quaking because people are not doing what God told them to do?  What is being thrown overboard over Jonah’s refusal to do what God said to do?  Are you Jonah?  You don’t have to be thrown overboard.  Look in the mirror today and do what God told you to say and do what God told you to do.
      Muslim Brotherhood Advising the Obama Administration?
 As Greg, and Pat discuss how the Muslim Brotherhood is allegedly advising the Obama administration.  Allegedly a senior member on the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.    CBN News reports that Mohammed Elibiary wrote on his twitter account “I do consider the United States an Islamic country with an islamically compliant constitution”.    “He goes to bat for the Muslim Brotherhood,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, said. “They continue to discuss the influence the Muslim Brotherhood has on the Obama administration.

“There’s lots of evidence that the president of the United States personally takes counsel from Mohammed Magid,” National Security expert Frank Gaffney told CBN News. “And that means the enemy is inside the wire” reports CBN News.  They continue to discuss how one senior advisor on the Department of Homeland Security who was promoted posted a picture of himself showing four fingers which is a symbol for the Muslim Brotherhood.  They continue to discuss in more detail who the Muslim Brotherhood are and how they have infiltrated the White House while Egypt has worked hard to remove them from positions of power.


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