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Home » What was it like When the Redeemer came to earth?

What was it like When the Redeemer came to earth?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss what it was like when the redeemer of the world came to earth.  They continue to discuss what was happening at the time when Jesus, our redeemer, was making his entrance to earth.  Mary was riding a mule and Jesus was in Mary’s womb as they entered into town for a government census.  Redemption for the world was in her womb while many people carried on unaware.  God even used the government of the time in his plan.  Don’t fret about small things especially those things related to government as God is in the one in complete control.  Just like today people then were caught up in what was going on in their time that the Redeemer of the world made his entrance without many people even knowing the magnitude of what was happening.  God has a plan to redeem mankind but if you are not paying attention you might think it’s about a “census” when it has nothing to do with that.  People today are trying to steal the real meaning of Christmas from you look beyond that and don’t miss the Jesus in Christmas.
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