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Home » Georgia Colder than Moscow: Is God speaking to Us?

Georgia Colder than Moscow: Is God speaking to Us?


LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the recent weather patterns and how Georgia is colder than Moscow and the question they ask is; is God speaking to us? They discuss how a great majority of the country is experiencing a severe cold snap the like of which has not been experienced for many years.  John mentions that when he moved from Florida he thought he left hurricanes behind him only to experience hurricane Sandy in NJ.  Now that he is back in Florida he thought he was leaving the cold behind him and now he is experiencing 19 degree weather.  According to CBN “More than 200 million Americans from Montana to Alabama are bundling up Tuesday as they face dangerously cold temperatures.  This arctic blast is not just another winter storm – for many areas it’s the coldest in 20 years.”  They continued to share how John Paul Jackson prophesied the different weather patterns we would be experiencing in the multi-dimensional prophetic word called the “the perfect storm.”  God is warning us to turn back to Him.  At one point we need to recognize that God didn’t cause us to live a life that is filled with endless storms, chaos, financial collapses and in a perpetual state of destruction and calamity.  We are called to be victorious in God although at times we will face challenging and difficult times this is an everyday normal.  God allows trials in our lives that we may look and turn to Him.  They encourage us to not to discredit the storms in your life.  What is God saying through the situations going on through your life?  Is it possible what you are doing is bringing the calamity to your life.  They encourage us to respond to God to turn our hearts to him and to repent.  God is getting your attention because all He wants is your heart.


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