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Home » I BELIEVE God is HOLY and Jesus is LORD! Am I Still Your Brother? Francis Chan

I BELIEVE God is HOLY and Jesus is LORD! Am I Still Your Brother? Francis Chan

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss what Francis Chan shared at the 2013 year end International House of Prayer One Thing Conference.  They discuss how Francis shared the plumb line not with just IHOP KC but the church at large.  Francis shared how God is Holy and Jesus is Lord and asked the question whether he was still our brother?  Often times we assume certain things of people in particular that they serve the same Jesus we do.  It’s important to ask people a simple yet powerful question; who is Jesus to you?  It’s important for the church to be united but we must only be united around Jesus alone.  God is Holy, we have sinned against a Holy God and it is only because of the sacrifice of his son Jesus and our acceptance of Him in our heart that spares us.  We were objects of God’s wrath but in his rich mercy He made a way from us.  It’s not enough to say we are Christians we must walk and live Christ like otherwise we are living a lie.   They encourage us to read the revelation of Jesus and get a perspective of the Lamb of God.  God is Holy, Jesus is Lord: Am I still your brother?

Francis Chan speaking at One Thing Conference KC 2013
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