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Home » Mayor Proclaims 2014 the YEAR of the BIBLE!

Mayor Proclaims 2014 the YEAR of the BIBLE!

by Lara

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss a recent proclamation made by Flower Mound, Texas, Mayor Tom Hayden when he proclaimed on December 16, 2013 at a city council meeting that 2014 is to be the “year of the Bible.”  It has been reported by “The Blaze” that the mayor was nervous about doing this and that he has been thinking about it for two years.  He said this was something he could not shake off and felt it was something he was supposed to do.  The mayor said the he was first inspired about doing this when he heard a former outspoken Christian NFL player’s challenge when he said that God puts people in certain places to do certain things.  Along with the proclamation the Mayor worked with pastors and citizens of Flower Mound to put together a website, “The Bible 2014” where all the citizens can read the same scriptures together for an entire year.  They continue to applaud the mayor for his courageous bold stand and for believing what the Bible declares, that righteousness exalts a nation.  They encourage us to understand the moment in which we live and how life is nothing but a vapor.  They discuss how over the last 6,000 years many have come and gone and how we are all here on earth for such a short period of time and encourage us to use our influence for the cause of Christ.   They encourage us to make 2014 the year of the Bible in our own lives and challenge us to commit to having an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, reading daily His word and journaling what He shares with us.  They encourage us to share this segment with the mayor of your city so they can do the same.  They share for the renewed sense of hope and faith filled anticipation for a third great awakening to sweep across our country. The Bible consists of 66 different books written by 40 different authors inspired by the Holy Spirit over 1,500 years ago.  They encourage us to read the Bible as well as ending Bible poverty all around the world and as of yet there are now close to 2,000 people groups who are need the Bible translated in the own native language.  Cry out to God end Bible poverty all over the world starting with you.  For a Bible reading plan go to and select the “links” banner and for a simple plan go to

Local Flower Mound, TX Newscast of Mayor Declaring 2014 ‘Year of the Bible’

For Such a Time As This, In the Beginning Was God

Esther 4:12-14, John 1:1,

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