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Home » Saturate, Immerse, Soak – Called to Be People of His Presence

Saturate, Immerse, Soak – Called to Be People of His Presence

by Foto

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss how the Church is called to be people of God’s presence.  They continue to discuss how they have walked in a dark room before and although they could not see anyone with their natural eyes they felt the presence of someone else in the room.  They continue to share how God’s presence is so much more than that.  They share how God’s presence is absolutely wonderful and full of life.  Regarding the presence of the Lord, Moses had to have it, at time priest couldn’t stand in it, in it there is fullness of joy, it’s the air angels breathe, it’s inviting, intoxicating and life transforming.  They continue to share that out of everything God created He created humans with the amazing ability to receive His love and for us to love Him back.  They share how Moses encountered God and His presence when he would meet with Him in Exodus 33.  They continued to share how vs.11 states “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.  Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.”  Moses spoke with God face to face.  God did not send his son to save us so that we can be “good” Christians but so that we can commune with God.  We are called to abide with the Lord and engage Him in prayer which involves not just speaking but listening as well.  They continued to share how we live in a time that has so many things competing for our attention; 24 hour news, the internet, TV, smart phones, tablets, social media and so much more yet God wants our attention.  They continued to discuss and challenge us to be immersed, saturated and soaked in God, His presence and His word.  A sponge is porous and by design made to soak up and contain the water it is dipped in.  They encourage us not just tip our toes in the things of God or even settle to splash ourselves with God but to jump right in and soak in God.  A dry sponge is useless but imagine what God can do with a sponge that has been soaking in Him.  He can actually ring you out.  Just like a cucumber goes through a pickling process that transforms it into a delicious pickle we too can experience such a transformation when we soak in God.  There is a time to rest in His presence and there is time to stand and minister in His presence as Rick Joyner says in his book the Torch and the Sword.   There is no intoxication like life itself, but remember that it is still intoxication. Many fall under even the slightest touch of His Spirit and can become drunk in the Spirit by just a taste of this.  However, the priest had to learn how to stand and minister even the presence of His Glory.  God’s people are called to be people of His presence.  


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Exodus 33:7-11

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