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VFNRadio Second Hour January 21, 2014

The Heart of Nehemiah: The Secret to Rebuilding the Church in America- Part 6
Don’t Stop Half Way the Enemy is Losing Ground and He knows it
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss the heart of Nehemiah and the secret to rebuilding the church in America.  They encourage us not to settle for half builtwalls and not to leave any gaps.  They continue to share that we are building with living stones and these living stones will cry out.  We are seeing that if we embrace Nehemiah’s heart we may possibly be able to help rebuild the church.  However, that doesn’t mean it is a guarantee because others have to respond as well.  This can be seen in the lives of King Saul and King David they both had the same word spoken over them yet just one of them walked it out.  They continue to share how the walls have built up at this point.  They further discuss how many have s settled for half way built walls in their lives and ministry.  It’simportant to know that half way is not all the way.  Halfway built walls always leave you open for attack.  They continue to share how Sanballat and his crew came back to harass and frustrate the plan of God.    They came to the realization that they will not be able to have access to God’s people.  They also realized that they will lose their ability to get to them and find themselves outside of the walls.  These men were held captive by Lucifer.  They were really scarred because all the gaps were about to be closed.As long as you hang out with wolves and have open doors and windows he has access to you.  Don’t give access with those who will cross pollinate in a bad way.  Don’t be a gap in the wall, a hole for satan’s messages and messengers to get in.  The Apostle Paul warned you day and night that wolves would come in from amongst you.  Don’t give the wolf access.  They remind us that there are people that are supposed to be in the walls and then there are those outside of the walls.  They continue to encourage us not to leavegaps open just to make people happy.  No gap meetings, emails, and phone calls they will only take you out.  They continue to share that if you are on this journey this will prove to be very valuable to you.  When gaps in the wallare closed then there is protocol to come in.  Jesus said he is the gate any other way in is a thief or a robber.   They continue to share how Sanballat started a strategy to come against the completion of the walls.  It’s going to be thosewho say they love God.  Plotting to come against Jerusalem.  They are doing this because there access is going to be cut off.  These people are not just going to go away.  The closer the walls are getting higher and gaps closed they realize they will be completely out.  They were benefiting from the gaps, hearing what God is saying so now they are panicking because they are losing access.Organizers will use other people who are standing around.  They are stirring them with gossip.  If this is you; and you have been the “gap” then all that you have to do is repent and turn your heart to God so that you can come in through the gate.   They continue to discuss more in regards to Nehemiah chapter 4 and how the enemy doesn’t just sit there he is on the attack.    People get stirred up by Lucifer when they realize they don’t have access.  It’s time to close the gaps so that people can walk through the gate, Jesus Christ.  They continue to share in context of a local church gathering that just because someone came through a gap and is sitting in our present gathering thinking they are in but in reality they are not in because they didn’t come through Jesus.  Nehemiah’s response was but we will pray to God.  God will show you what to do.  They prayed andposted guards to watch and to protect.   You need to have a strategy of protection.  If the constant onslaught of discouraging attacks were not enough the strength of the labors was giving out.  They were half way there finally closing in the gaps and the adversary continues to wage attacks.  They begin to think because of the physical stature that the spiritual things the Lord has called them to dowon’t be accomplished.  That’s why it’s important to write down your vision and be refreshed by what God has said.   You also need to seek out wisdom.   It’s not by might or by power but by God’s spirit.    It’s God doing this thing.  Don’t measure yourself by the response of others.  They encourage us to just stay steady and watch what happens.The Bible tells us in Nehemiah 4:11 “Also our enemies said, “Before they know it or see us, we will be right there among them and will kill them and put an end to the work.”.  They are talking about physical deaths but we are talking about spiritual deaths.  Those who had their visions snuffed out.  Wherever you turn they will attack us.  Thewolves are circling. People held captive by Lucifer go around seeking someone to devour.  Nehemiah sends men to the lower parts of the wall.  Many in the body begin to grumble in their hearts because it is perceived by them that it is something that is not as important, but they are wrong. There is not time for wolves just remain steady in God call, direction and most all His love.
 The Heart of Nehemiah: The Secret to Rebuilding the Church in America
Positioned and Ready to Defend and Fight
If God touches you with the heart of Nehemiah than maybe you can be used in helping the church.  However there are others who want their namein lights they don’t want to be in the low places.  We are only as strong as our weakest links.  If we are faithful in the low things God will reward us with moreresponsibility with higher places.   He then positioned people bytheir families.   Each family was to stay close to the walls to do their part as we work collectively towards the rebuilding of the church.  Every part is important for what God is doing.  They remind us of the importance of staying in the word of God so that you can be fully armed.   Nehemiah tells them not to be afraid of them but instead to remember the Lord who is great and awesome.  Don’t be afraid it’s God who called you and it is God who will build it.  Fight for the family of God.  Fight against the wolves.  There are people who try save you from doing the will of God.  Nehemiah and the people prepared spiritually and physically.  God gave them wisdom on how to defend themselves.  All they did was do what God said to do.  When they saw the enemy back off; the people went back to work.  The Bible tells us in Nehemiah 4:16-18 that “From that day on, half of my men did the work, while the other half were equipped with spears, shields, bows and armor. The officers posted themselves behind all the people of Judah who were building the wall. Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other, and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked. But the man who sounded the trumpet stayed with me.”  Be strong in the Lord in the full armor of God so that you can stand against the devils schemes.  The best way to defeat satan is to win people from the hordes of hell.  Stand after you have done everything.  Don’t forget to put on the full armor of God.   Fight this spiritual battle.   Tell your haters God loves them and has a plan for your life.


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