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Home » Water shortages West Virginia Coming to the End

Water shortages West Virginia Coming to the End


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the water shortages in West Virginia and how they are coming to an end.  CBN reports that “Five days after a toxic chemical spilled into West Virginia’s water system, residents may soon be able to use their tap water again.  The crisis started last Thursday when about 7,500 gallons of a toxic chemical used to process coal leaked into the Elk River, contaminating the water supply in the heart of the state.”  They continue to discuss how we must not assume that “man” is providing for us but instead that our provision comes from the Lord.  They further discuss how vulnerable we are when one company can affect nine counties.  It is like God is lifting his fingers off of us and we are encountering the consequences from turning our backs on God.   They also discuss how this can also be an attempt to create a narrative against the coal industry.  None the less they encourage us to put our dependency in God and Him alone.  


End in Sight for West Virginia’s Water Crisis
Operation Blessing


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