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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » America; Sweet Land of Liberty

America; Sweet Land of Liberty


Courtesy of Margaret M Stewart/
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the amazing blessing America is and the awesome blessing to call this country home.  They continue to discuss how as Americans we are blessed to live in the United States with amazing documents like the Declaration of Independence clearly and articulately spelling out the 27 reasons we were separating ourselves from Great Britain’s oppression.  They further discuss how they are beginning to hear a choir of Americans voices as they begin to share the original intent of the Constitution and what was at the core of the Founding Fathers heart when crafting the Constitution to secure rights for all people.  This was widely seen during the 2014 Super Bowl when the National Football League produced a commercial honoring the greatness of America a as young and old, current football players and retired ones , military soldiers and civilians of all races and from different parts of the country poetically recited parts of the Declaration of Independence.  This was especially moving as they recited the Declaration at historic landmarks as well as in front of some the most iconic beautiful landscapes America has to offer.  We have many patriotic songs that cause us to remember as well as stir our hearts that we may have sincere appreciation for our country however, if we don’t turn our hearts to God as our Founding Fathers did when they prayed in Jesus name when the Continental Congress convened on September 7, 1774 we are headed on a path that would greatly reduce America’s greatness.  They continue to discuss how it would be a shame to lose such a great nation and remind us of James Robinson’s prophetic word to America “Humility or Humiliation; You Choose.”


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