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Home » Answer to Prayer: Sex Trafficking Ring Busted – 16 children and 50 Woman Rescued!

Answer to Prayer: Sex Trafficking Ring Busted – 16 children and 50 Woman Rescued!

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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss an answer to prayer as they share how God rescued 16 children and 50 women from sex trafficking rings.  According to Charisma News  45 people were arrested and 16 juveniles rescued in a two-week crackdown on prostitution in the New York-New Jersey area leading up to last Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials said on Tuesday.  The rescued children ages ranged from 13 to 17.  They continue to share how their rescue was an answer to their prayers.  They have been praying for several years this prayer. 

“Father we call upon You for You are our help in times of trouble, our deliver, our rescuer and we ask that You send Your light in the midst of darkness and set the women and children FREE who are being sold and traded as sex slaves throughout the world.  Send your guardian angels to fight the battle of darkness to set your children free!  Let your judgment come to those who are capturing women and children making them slaves to be used to fulfill sexual needs of those who are evil.  Expose those who are involved and destroy the sexual slave human trafficking trade rings throughout the world.  We cry out for justice for those who have been forced to be sexual slaves asking for their freedom and that they come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ making Your Son Jesus the Lord and Savior of their lives.  Restore hope and purity and heal the emotions of all those who have been used against their will.  Pour out your love over each woman and child who has been used as a sex slave and let them be a light and testimony of what our God can do!”

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Luke 18:7-8

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