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Home » It’s not about Just One Gift but the Family of God working Together

It’s not about Just One Gift but the Family of God working Together

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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss how it’s not about just one gift but instead about the family of God working together.  They continue to discuss the stunning Super Bowl defeat the Seattle Seahawks dealt the Denver Broncos when they beat them with a score 43-8.  They continued to discuss how this was a particularly stunning defeat for the Broncos not just because they were favored to win but also because the night before the Super Bowl  Peyton Manning , their quarterback, won the MVP, Most Valuable Player  award.  They further discussed how insignificant this award was compared to the coveted prize of the Super Bowl Championship.  When a team wins the Super Bowl championship the entire team is recognized for their achievement.  In fact the entire organization is recognized as champions because every single player, coach, assistants, equipment managers, office personnel and stadium usher had a role to play.  They continue to draw comparisons between how there is a tendency to focus all the attention on a single key position in football and how many do the same when lifting up one gift above the entire church.  The church is not about any human individual but rather is more about the family working together to honor God and the advancement of his kingdom.  When we focus on just one gift we fail to fulfill the destiny the church has to bring all of God’s gifts together for the advancement of his kingdom.  The day of the lone ranger is over it’s time for every believer to get ready and play together as a family.  Each one reaching one, each person being one as we come together as the family of God. 


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