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Home » Terror Attack on Israel funded by the Palestinians?

Terror Attack on Israel funded by the Palestinians?

Courtesy of Robert Hoetink/
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the terror attacks that that occurred in Sinai which resulted in South Korean tourist who visited Israel to be injured and some to be killed.  CBN reports that “Islamists targeted a tour bus of South Koreans as it neared the Taba border crossing between Egypt and Israel on Sunday.  Members of the terrorists posted a statement on al Qaeda-affiliated websites, calling Sunday’s bombing part of an “economic war” against the army-backed government.” They continue to discuss how Israel is fighting the war on terror on many fronts with Islamist terrorists setting off bomb attacks to come against the economy which is hugely dependent on tourism, as well as having 170,000 missiles aimed at her.  They further discuss how in a separate case a recent report by the Palestinian Media Watch group reported that “terrorists planned attacks in order to be imprisoned and receive a salary by the Palestinian Authority.    They continue to report that thePalestinian Authority pays a salary to those who planned attacks on Israel and are imprisoned in an Israeli prison.  The more time they are in prison the more money they receive while in prison and when they are released.  According to theBlaze PMW “reported last week to the British Parliament that the Palestinian Authority distributed more than $100 million to convicted terrorists in2013.  They continue to discuss the constant and increasing pressure Israel is in to defend themselves as they live continually in the crossfire of their enemies.  They encourage us to pray for Israel and to support those organizations that stand for Israel like Christians United for Israel and The Daily VFNRadio Program and VFNtv.  We must not be uninformed so that we will not remain silent.



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