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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour February 10, 2014

VFNRadio Second Hour February 10, 2014


                    Time: Like a Sand in an Hour Glass
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss how the importance of the most precious commodity we have, time.  They continued to discuss how fast time has been going by.  They further discussed how God entrusts us with time.  God knows the day we will be born and the day we will die and what lies between those two dates are seconds, minutes, hours, and days.  Like time in an hour glass we all start with a certain amount of time and when our time runs out it is out.  In light of our limited amount of time the average American allegedly spends 37 minutes a day on social media when calculated it is the equivalent to 17 hours.  They continued to discuss how important it is to be a good manager of our time.  They continued to discuss how we are either investing time or wasting time with people and things.  They further discuss what we would do if we were given just a few months to live.  What kind of choices would we make?  Who would we spend time with and what we would we do?    They continue to discuss that a proper understanding of time enables us to truly seize the moment and would help us to prioritize our life and values.  When it is all said and done what always matters in the end is what will we have to show for our time in relation to God and in relation to others?  We would be wise to give thought to our ways and make adjustments with what we do with our time to eliminate tomorrows regret today.  


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