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Home » America: VULNERABLE on Every Front: Only Hope is Turn to God

America: VULNERABLE on Every Front: Only Hope is Turn to God

by Studio

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss how the vulnerabilities that exist in America and how her only hope is for her turning to God and God alone.  They continue to discuss how America is possible more vulnerable now than any time in history.  The truth is that every person, company, country etc. you name all have vulnerabilities.  They further discuss that to be vulnerable means to be open, exposed, capable of and susceptible to being wounded or hurt as well as making it difficult to defend.  The truth is that no matter how big or strong you are you will always have areas in your life of weakness and vulnerabilities that if taken advantage of will take you down.  For instance, just look at our nation and what is happening today.   We are vulnerable on so many fronts especially when it comes to the defense of our borders in particular what is happening in Mexico.  We are vulnerable with a weakened and thinned out military.    We are vulnerable with an economy that is more fragile than your mother’s china.  We are vulnerable in our food with now only 2% of our country producing food for 98% of the population.  More people are now coming into the awareness that we are vulnerable in the power grids that are scattered around the country namely those that are close to the Silicon Valley and the New York Stock exchange.  CBN reports of the significant terror threat that exists when it comes to taking out one of our nation’s power grids.  In fact it has been said that if the planes on 9-11 hit the power grid that powers the New York Stock Exchange that would have caused even more chaos and destruction than what had occurred first to N.Y. , the rest of the nation, and to the nations of the world.  America has not just become vulnerable but it has always had these weak and exposed spots.  The real issue is this points to what has kept our control safe in years past is her humility and being one nation under God.    They continue to share with us the reason America has not suffered more is because of God’s rich mercy extended to her giving us all the opportunity to repent and to turn to God. 



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