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Home » Our Children Matter in and out of the Womb

Our Children Matter in and out of the Womb

by Novikov

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how important our children are in and out of the womb.  They continue to discuss the story of a German family that fled Germany and sought asylum in the United States.  Their story is one of great importance as the country of Germany want to be in complete control of the children and have made it illegal to homeschool children.  This family wanted to teach their children about God and objected to what the German schools were teaching them.  The parents refused to send their children to school only to have the government enter their house in the dark of night and physically removed the children.  After some time the family was able to make it out of Germany with their children and fled to the United States.  After some time in the United States and seeking asylum in the U.S. and to no avail their case finally made it as far as being able to be heard on the Supreme Court level and yet again nothing has been done for them.  The family eventually had to go back to Germany.  They continue to discuss how just because things may be legal does not mean they are moral.  They further discuss how they are seeing more and more how the African American community has had to deal with unjust treatment fully understanding how God is the one in complete control and why they believe the prophetic word given regarding how God was going to use African Americans in the last day move of God.  They further encourage us to pray for this German family as we are seeing an onslaught on our children.  In America this attack on our children took a drastic turn in 1973 with the Roe vs. Wade court decision that made abortions, murdering of babies, legal.  Since that time it is estimated that 55 million plus babies have been murdered, the population of 25 of the least populated states in America.  The enemy has robbed many of the true blessings of family and the joy to conceive children.  They continue to discuss a recent happening in a suburb community in which an unwed teenage girl gave birth to a child put the child in a plastic bag and threw the baby away.  It was only after the girl went to the hospital to try to convince them that she had some internal bleeding that the truth was discovered that this young girl gave birth to a child that was thrown away to die in plastic bag.  The child was eventually found gasping for breath and ultimately died.  There are many that want to charge this young lady with murder but could it be that this young lady has been confused for the last forty days by how adults and those in our government who have legalized murder in the form of abortion.  If the doctor killed the baby in the womb he would actually receive money and be free but if you kill a baby out of the womb you will be charged with murder.  We must take responsibility before God and end this hypocrisy.  Children are sign that we are blessed.  Dear God, end abortion; send revival!


Mother charged in death of newborn
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“We, you and I, have learned through experience….found out that what is legal is not always moral. “
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