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Home » Safety Awareness: Know How to Protect Your Home from the BUMP KEY

Safety Awareness: Know How to Protect Your Home from the BUMP KEY


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the safety awareness and the recent news regarding the easily accessible bump key that is being purchased on the internet for only $2.  The key when inserted into any lock with a couple of bumps with a hammer or stick enters the lock and allows the lock to open.  They continue to discuss the reason they are bringing this to our attention is because things are about to change in America and we must be informed on how to best protect our homes and loved ones from intruders.  We are about to enter some difficult times and it makes sense to take the necessary precautionary steps to keep you family protected.  They discuss several things you should do for added security such as installing a security system as well as installing high security locks with special keys.  Of course the best security you can ever have is the one that comes with salvation.  Protection with the Lord’s heavenly host of angels.  Be sure to get protected today.  



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