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Home » Syria’s Civil War Spilling into Israel

Syria’s Civil War Spilling into Israel


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve discuss how Syria’s civil war is spilling into Israel.  They continue to discuss how it’s not just important to know the news but you need to know what to do with the news you know.  There is so much noise today that you need to pay close attention to not miss what is really going on.  They further discuss how Israel not only has 170,000 missles aimed at her, Israel has concern over the southern border on the Gaza strip and now Israel faces the worst conflict on the northern border with Syria than they have in decades.   They encourage not only to pray for Israel’s safety but also to pray for the salvation of the Jews.  They encourage us to be a faithful friend to Israel and to remember God’s promise in His word that He will bless those who bless Israel.


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Please to Bless Israel, Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Romans 15:27, Psalm 122:6-9


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