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Home » VFNNRadio Second Hour March 11, 2014

VFNNRadio Second Hour March 11, 2014


          Learning the MOST Important thing  ; To Love
LISTEN NOW! Pat, Greg, and John share about learning the most important thing and that is to love.  They continue to share how they were challenged when they heard what Jesus told Bob Jones when Bob died and went to heaven the first time.  Jesus asked Bob did you learn to love.  Pat continues to share that without love it’s all meaningless.  The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 13 that without love we are like a sounding gong.  It doesn’t matter what we do for God alone if it is not done with love as the motivation.  If we have love we have fulfilled the law.  The world wants God but often times they see “religion” if they see love they will see God.  It doesn’t matter what we do for God if love is not our driving force.  Many have believed the lie that their gift is their fruit.  Many have prostituted their gifts.  If you don’t repent gifts don’t matter at all.  Many today are pushing through the body of Christ.  So how do we love? We love by serving others.  We love by praying for others, covering others, and helping them with their needs.  Jesus already told us in Revelation that he has seen our deeds but what many are lacking is love.  Maybe you have been hurt and have gone through a betrayal in your life.  Ask the Lord to heal your heart and put yourself out to love and be loved again.  True love means you go first it doesn’t matter what happens to me. 

Louie Giglio  Millennial May be Leaving the Church but they are Walking toward Jesus

 John, Greg, and Pat discuss a recent interview published in the Christian Post.  In this interview they asked the founder of Passion Conference, Louie Giglio whether he was concerned regarding the statistics of millennial leaving the church.  In so many words Louie said that millennial may be leaving more of what we call traditional churches but they are walking to Jesus.  Louie is quoted as saying “We’ve done events all over the world- Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong,, Malaysia, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Vancouver (Canada).  Everywhere we go to do an event, there is an arena of some kind full of young people, full of 18 year olds, 20 year olds worshipping Jesus.  So I think the church is actually gaining ground with Millennial and not losing ground.”  They further discussed that if God is moving elsewhere and young people are going to where Jesus is moving than maybe you need to consider following them. They are not leaving God but they may be leaving you.   Isn’t it worth you losing your kingdom if people are finding Jesus?  This is our driving passion at VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio Program for people to find and fall in love with Jesus.  Many young people are finding Jesus in what Paul Keith Davis called Apostolic Centers, a place where they can come get charged for God and launched into their destiny. 

Redefining the Vocabulary in Leadership?

 Greg, John, and Pat discuss redefining of vocabulary especially in leadership.  Recently the CEO of Facebook, Cheryl Sandberg, has launched a campaign to have the word “bossy” removed from our vocabulary in terms of how it is used towards women.  They continue to discuss how there is a strategy to remove everything that is right.  There used to be a day when it was a good thing to be called the boss.  They further discuss how there needs to be order in the home as is described in God’s Word.  This is obviously has nothing to do in with intellect as both spouses and gender have intelligence.  However, it is about what God has established.  If you have talent no matter what people call or don’t call you it can never be taken away.  They give an example regarding combat women in the military.  Men are in a dilemma.  They discuss a combat training exercise called the fighting stick.  Both combatants take hold of the stick and the one who takes sole possession of the stick is the winner.  The man faces a dilemma because all his life he has been taught to honor women and if he hurts the woman that would not be good but also at the same time if she beats him it will not be socially acceptable.  It’s hard for a man to find his place because in certain instances when he tries to honor a woman by opening the door now that is a bad thing.  If you are bossy that’s okay.  It’s more important that you fix yourself first before trying to fix the world.

Don’t get tripped up by the Messenger if the Message is True

 Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of not getting tripped up by the messenger if the message is true.  Sometimes minsters can be familiar with the very Word they preach and teach.  They begin thinking about how the Word, Bible, addresses issues for others without first applying it to their life.  That is extremely dangerous and something that the Pharisees were all too familiar with.  They further discuss how in Exodus 19 Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai to meet with God and he was told to warn the people and the priest that they must consecrate themselves or the Lord will break out against them.  The Gospel must apply to your life.  What you preach must line up with what you do.  Even Jesus told the disciples regarding the Pharisees to do what they say but do not do what they do.  Truth is truth.  They remind us not to get tripped up by the messenger if the message is true.  Often times because people get offended they throw out someone’s teaching because of what they did.  If the message is true keep the message.  It’s not between you and them it is between you and God.


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