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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour March 6, 2014

VFNRadio Second Hour March 6, 2014


        Boys Worship; Look what happens when Two  Amazing Gifts Come Together
LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat share a wonderful moment as they enjoy watching what happens when two gifts come together for God.  One young boy with the gift of singing and another boy with the gift of playing the guitar when they joined them together it is truly amazing. They continue to encourage young people especially to invest time in developing their gift for future Glory given to God. 
        Top Ten Police Law Enforcement in the World: Humor
Greg, John, and Pat discuss have a good time discussing the top ten law enforcement agencies in the world.  What started out to be a serious conversation truly turned out to not only informative but actually funny in the way it was being communicated.  They show us that although there are many serious things that are going on the world today there is always time to have light moments as you enjoy the journey on the way to where you are going. 
        Neighborhood Preparedness: Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself
 Greg, John and Pat discuss neighborhood preparedness and the importance of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.  Greg shares his journey into neighborhood preparedness and the loving of his neighbors.  He shares that he started doing Luke 10 prayer walks in his neighborhood and out of a desire to be there for his neighbors when tough times would come God led him to start a neighborhood watch. They invited the law enforcement in their county to share information in starting a neighborhood watch and they began from there.  They also discuss the importance of taking time to not just know your neighbors but build relationship with them so that when tough times come you will have each other.  They point to several tragedies that have hit across the country and the reality of what they’ve shown us and that the first responders are people in our community too who have real needs just like we do.  We need to be there for them as well.  Things will go much easier when we take the time to love our neighbors and take care of each other.


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