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Home » Actor Allegedly Gets Fired for Witnessing to Brad Pitt

Actor Allegedly Gets Fired for Witnessing to Brad Pitt

 screen capture from Cha

LISTEN NOW! John, Steve, and Pat discuss a recent interview with Steve Cha whose mission field is Hollywood.  He shares how he first wanted to become a movie director but when that route was not possible he pursued acting as a possible way to have access to the movie industry.  He goes on to share how he encountered a friend who was in love with Jesus and was sharing the gospel with several movie stars.  Steve was inspired and challenged to do the same and became obedient to the Great Commission.  He continues to share how he had the opportunity to share a gospel tract with actor Brad Pitt on a movie set.  A short time later he was fired.  They continued to discuss Steve’s inspiring passion to win souls.  They share if most Christians today if given the opportunity would share the gospel with a celebrity or would they just be enamored by them.  They encourage us to address the two common hindrances in witnessing for Jesus; fear and not being prepared.  There is no reason to fear man when eternity hangs in the balance. There are 7 billion people in the world and God has allowed your life to intersect with your specific neighbors, coworkers, classmates, friends and family for a reason.  One of the most important things a soul winner can do is to be filled with compassion for people and to cry out to God and ask him to burden you for their soul.  It’s the love of God that compels us to share with as many people as we can the GREAT NEWS of the gospel.  Jesus Saves and He will save you; if you let Him.
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Actor Loses Career After Evangelizing Brad Pitt

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