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WATCH! Animals, Buffalo Fleeing Yellow Stone Park; Catch a Clue? What is on the horizon?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how animals are fleeing from Yellowstone National Park and whether the animals know something us humans are about to find out.  According to Epoch Time, “A number of bloggers are posting videos that show bison and other animals allegedly leaving Yellowstone National Park, prompting theories that as earthquakes ramp up the seismic activity will set off the Yellowstone supervolcano.  Two of the main bloggers behind the discussion stress that there’s no way to know when the supervolcano will go off but note that the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit on March 30 seemed to set off a reaction from the animals, who are moving for a reason.”  They continue to discuss how hoards of bison can be seen in a video, posted below, and fleeing on the highway.  If this supervolacano erupts it allegedly has the potential of scattering ash throughout the entire country.  They also discuss some of the prophetic words and dreams given to Dumitru Duduman, Pastor Sharon Holderbaum, Greg and John regarding calamity to happen in the center of the country.  They continue to remind us that God is in control although we may face something tragic it’s going to be some of the best of times and some of the worst of times just make sure you will have something of God to say during it all. 
screen capture from youtube.com/NEW @ZICUTAKE



Range of past volcanic ash Source: Epoch Times

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