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Home » Assimilation; When did that become a Negative Concept?

Assimilation; When did that become a Negative Concept?

by Emerson

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss when the concept of assimilation became a negative concept.  America is a melting pot.  The uniqueness of America is the diversity yet we are one country, undivided, with liberty for all.  The commonality of America is the vision of America although we are many we are one.  We are one nation under God and a nation of laws.  As Americans we pledge allegiance to the flag to the republic for which it stands.  We also have a constitution that protects every citizen and lets them know what their rights are.  They continue to share that as the end comes closer there are those who will attempt to be united around one world religion.  Today many are hearing buzz words like unity, diversity, and tolerance.   Unity for unity sake is not of God we must not get this confused.  We are not to accept diversity when it comes to accepting other gods.  There is only one true God.   Just because we hear these words it doesn’t mean they are using them in a way in which Jesus would be honored.  As Christians we should not have any tolerance for sin in our lives.    They continue to discuss what is happening in Sweden as CBN reports that Sweden is sliding into becoming a third world nation.   This is particularly important because when President Obama visited Sweden last year according to CBN he expressed his deep admiration for the Swedish model.  Today in Sweden to tell someone to become Swedish that is considered a racist statement.  Also assimilation in Sweden is equivalent to a Nazi word.  Although they are one; they are many.  When people came to America in times past they understood they were assimilating to the laws of the land and they were Americans.  It is not wrong to assimilate in our country it’s still okay to be one nation under God.


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