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Home » Looking For a Job? Learn the Latest Tech Tools Recruiters Are using for Hiring

Looking For a Job? Learn the Latest Tech Tools Recruiters Are using for Hiring


LISTEN NOW! John, Steve, and Pat discuss how today’s recruiters are using technology in unprecedented ways for hiring.  If you are looking for work or know someone who is looking for work you will be very interested in hearing this segment.  John, Steve and Pat continue to share many statistics shared by a recruiter box that gives insight as to how the internet is transforming the way hiring is being done.   They continue to discuss how many people are still having difficulties finding employment and one of the reasons this may be happening is because they are using antiquated methods for their career search.  Today’s job market is not the only thing that has changed; the way applicants and employers interact regarding applying and hiring has also changed as well.  Today 92% of employers are using or planning to use social networks for recruiting this year. 73% of recruiters check their candidates’ social media profile which is not too surprising when one considers that 70% of job seekers use their mobile device when job searching.  They continue to share some tips and strategies for landing a job as well as praying that God would bless Christians with a good job with more money for less hours for more work in the Kingdom of God.


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