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Prayer Has No Limitations


LISTEN NOW! John, Steve and Pat discuss the remarkable nature of prayer in that has no limitations.  If I wanted to go across the world to England or Uganda and have Godly impact in that part of the world for Jesus I would have some unique things to consider.  The amount of time it would take to travel, the expense, one’s energy and the limitation as to how many people one can reach within a given space and time.  Yet prayer has no such limitations and if you wanted to touch the nation of Uganda and England and anywhere in the world you can do so simply by prayer.  Since prayer travels unhindered, unrestricted, and can go through walls and roofs affecting the targeted area.  They continue to discuss how we are made in the image of God although man tends to give God human characteristics that lend you to believe that God was created in the image of man. Of course this is not true.  The best way to know who we are is to first know who God is.  God is a Spirit and there are some things that are important to know regarding his nature.  God is a spirit, He is invisible and He is immortal.  Our flesh is just the tent that houses our spirit and soul.  When we pray it is like our prayers are joined with our spirit and we can be in any given place affecting the spiritual environment.  They encourage us to engage God and communicate with Him through prayer and perseverance for His will to come to pass in the world in which we live.

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