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Home » Prophetic Dream – Storm Clouds Fell on Water- Cindy Granger

Prophetic Dream – Storm Clouds Fell on Water- Cindy Granger


Prophetic Dream  – Storm clouds fell on water-Cindy Granger
I was in my SUV near the water on a pier or dock… Not like being at the beach…but the beach wasn’t far. It was so sunny and there were a lot of people around.
Out on the water there were so many military ships, jets and helicopters. I had a sense of them being there for the purpose of practicing or training, preparing for battle. How unusual that there were so many. They didn’t look the same; like maybe from different branches of the military. I remember thinking, “I need to get my iPad and take some pictures of this and show everyone”.There were storm clouds all around the military exercises. The clouds were not normal storm clouds, they were almost totally black. The black clouds were churning and moving rapidly over the military.

Then I noticed that the water was sprinkling upward from the ocean to the clouds and the boats began to turn this way and that way. The planes and helicopters began to fly sporadically. Then suddenly, the blackness of the clouds slammed down to the ocean causing the water to churn violently tossing the huge military ships like toy boats unable to escape the churning waters, the ships were in a constant state of being tossed back and forth by the water.  All the planes, helicopters , speed boats, jet-skis came rushing ashore with such calamity it looked like they would surely crash into each other. They were only a few feet from me where they came ashore, flying just above me and going by me just behind my vehicle. It was so dangerous, I had to leave this area quickly.

They were all flying from the darkness into the light. I was standing in the light up on the dock and the light was reflected off of the planes as they came from the darkness into the light.
Given April 8, 2014
Tags: dream, storms, military

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