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Russian Planes Taunting American Warship

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Russian jets were found taunting American warship for 90 minutes passing over it twelve times. They continue to discuss a period in time when Russia’s President Krusheve thought America was weak. During that time the Russian President brought subs during the Bay of Pigs all the way up to our coast and United States could have been nuked. However, today we have a country that has been weekend intentionally.
We have a president who said the future must not belong to those who blaspheme the name of the prophet Mohammed.  On top of that during the period in time in which Americans at the Democratic National Convention were trying to select the next leader for our government on the Jumbotron’s the Russian fleet was being displayed and broadcasted around the world. When you put several moments like these together you find out that there’s something more that’s going on. We find that you organize to polarize and then you begin to nudge.   Within a very short period in time it appears that Russia has taken center stage and the United States has taken a step back in fact at the G20 when all of the world’s leaders came forward, the United States President entered 45 minutes late. If that wasn’t enough, the United States is organizing against Israel.
A future potential tragedy can be averted if God’s people will humble themselves pray and turn from their wicked ways, resulting in God hearing their prayers and healing their land. It’s important to take special note that this Russian jet flew over the USS Donald Cook for over 90 minutes and made twelve turns. This was a clear sign. We must catch a clue. We have sinned.  When you see these things and understand that all we need to do is humble ourselves repent as the church and get the sin out of our life God can heal our land.

CBN Reports: Russia Military Jet Taunts US Navy Destroyer

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