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Home » Seeking Allah Finding Jesus; Nabeel’s Testimony

Seeking Allah Finding Jesus; Nabeel’s Testimony


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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss Nabeel’s  amazing testimony.  At core of Nabeel’s testimony he found himself seeking Allah and in the end he found Jesus.  His encounter was truly life changing and his decision to follow Jesus and make him the Lord of his life had ripple effects touching his very own parents.  Nabeel was first challegened in regards to to his beliefs from a friend in college.   After some time Nabeel renounced Islam, a religion in which he was raised to believe was true and fully gave his life to the Lord.  That decision came with a price as it should for all those who profess Jesus as Lord.  Nabeel shares that he made the painful decision to choose Jesus over his family and hopes that history would encourage others to lay down their lives for Jesus.  Jesus told the disciples to pick up their cross and to follow him.  Nabeel’s testimony underscores the importance of making Jesus the Lord of your life.


Seeking allah, Finding Jesus- Nabeel Qureshi’s Testimony
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