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Home » Biggest Tornado Outbreak of the Season -29 Tornadoes May flower

Biggest Tornado Outbreak of the Season -29 Tornadoes May flower


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the biggest tornado outbreak of the season where 29 tornadoes rip through central parts of the United States.  They continue to discuss how the small town in Arkansas called Mayflower was hit the hardest by tornadoes.  They continue to encourage us to pray for those who have been affected by this devastation.  They also ask us to consider what has happened in view of the “perfect storm” prophecy that was delivered by John Paul Jackson where he prophesied that weather events such as these would take place.  In all the cities that were hit a city named Mayflower was hit the hardest.  Could this be from God yet again trying to reach out to America, considering that it was on the Mayflower that Puritans came to America to find a country to where they can worship God?  Some may ask could God bring such a thing to the earth while others recognize that surely yes God could  when even the insurance companies know that and label certain events “acts of God”.   If we don’t turn our hearts to God than we can only expect God’s judgment.     Simultaneously, at very same time that tragedy has hit, Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby, is developing a Bible curriculum to be taught in public schools.  God doesn’t want to destroy us, he wants us to repent and turn our hearts completely to Him.

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