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Home » VFNRadio First Hour April 15, 2014

VFNRadio First Hour April 15, 2014


        Outlawing Big Gulp Soda, Legalizing Murder Video Game, Federal Agents Against U.S. Citizens?
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we have gone from outlawing a Big Gulp soda drink all the while it is completely legal to sell video games that glorify committing crimes of murder.  A person in New York City would be restricted from buying large sugary drinks because it would be bad for their health yet at the same time there was no outcry of $1 billion made in a single day of sales of the video Game Grand Theft Auto V.  They discuss how the federal government is getting involved with ranchers and cattle.  All this is happening at the same time illegal aliens are not being detained as they illegally cross the borders.  Federal agents were sent to arrest fully dressed in army fatigues, drawn weapons and in the end these were federal agents coming against American citizens. These are our brothers and sisters.  Fox News reports that an embedded journalist became part of the story as he was filled with emotion and overtaken by what was taking place.  We have to be careful to stay a nation and not let the enemy divide us. We have to pray for our nation.  Don’t let anyone mess with your mind. We are the same people, living in the same nation under the same constitution.
Super Threatening Heartbleed Computer Bug; What you Can do to be Protected
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss the super threatening “Heartbleed” computer bug and what you can do to be protected. They caution us to take precaution as our computers can be affected by this bug.  What the virus does is gathers all passwords.  They discuss how what truly got their attention was when the banking industry was responding to this bug and giving instructions as to how this can be dealt with.  They share with us that the best way to deal with this virus is to change your password according to industry experts.   They also share which websites are susceptible to this virus and is strongly suggested that you change your passwords.
  Organizing; Don’t Be Fooled It Is Still Happening
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how they are still “organizing” and caution us not to be fooled.  They discuss how there are those who still want to organize the world.  However, there is only ONE we are to be organized around and that is Jesus.  Many are presently organizing and some have been at it for a long time one such person the Bible tells us about is Saul.  Saul was organizing the church in a dark way; he didn’t like what was happening and felt that Christians were the intruders and felt the Pharisees had the right revelation.  So he with the approval of the synagogue began to organize Christians around the stoning of Steven.  He riled the people up.  This resulted in Steve being stoned to death and caused great chaos among the believers of the day.  Saul wanted to continue his organizing activities and as he headed to Damascus when he met the organizer of the day; Jesus. He was knocked off of his horse and a bright light shown all around him.  They encourage us to remember that although people may think that they are really doing good by their organizing efforts; it is important to leave remove for repentance and for them to allow Jesus to lead and organize them. 
 Seeking Allah Finding Jesus; Nabeel’s Testimony

John, Greg, and Pat discuss Nabeel’s  amazing testimony.  At core of Nabeel’s testimony he found himself seeking Allah and in the end he found Jesus.  His encounter was truly life changing and his decision to follow Jesus and make him the Lord of his life had ripple effects touching his very own parents.  Nabeel was first challegened in regards to to his beliefs from a friend in college.   After some time Nabeel renounced Islam, a religion in which he was raised to believe was true and fully gave his life to the Lord.  That decision came with a price as it should for all those who profess Jesus as Lord.  Nabeel shares that he made the painful decision to choose Jesus over his family and hopes that history would encourage others to lay down their lives for Jesus.  Jesus told the disciples to pick up their cross and to follow him.  Nabeel’s testimony underscores the importance of making Jesus the Lord of your life.


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