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Home » Dangerous Droughts in the Midwest fulfillment of Prophecy

Dangerous Droughts in the Midwest fulfillment of Prophecy

Courtesy of Chris Gunby/

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discus the dangerous droughts in the Midwest are fulfillment of prophecy.  They discuss how the drought is so bad in Texas the foundations of homes are cracking.  The drought extends all the way to LA and to Boise Idaho.  These droughts are right in step with what John Paul Jackson prophesied in the perfect storm.   It appears to be something that is quite major.  If this continues to persist life can be quite difficult especially when 2% of the population grows food for the other 98%.  That is a long way to go when you consider a drought lasting a very long time.  Please continue to pray for the people in the affected region of the country.


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Tags: rain, drought, flood, foundations, John Paul Jackson, Perfect Storm

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