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Home » David and Goliath: Coming to the Big Screen with Biblical Accuracy says the Producer

David and Goliath: Coming to the Big Screen with Biblical Accuracy says the Producer

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve discuss the new movie set to be released David and Goliath: Against All Odds, One Man Will Rise.  The Christian Post reports in an exclusive interview with director Tim Chey in which he says the movie will be Biblically correct in every way.  The film has a $50 million dollar budget and was filmed on a grand scale in Morocco.  They further discuss the wave of Christian films that have come out, how good they have been and the impact Christian films are having in Hollywood.  Chey says that he was an atheist who gave his life to the Lord when he read a Gideon’s Bible while staying in a hotel room.   They further discuss how they can appreciate Biblically accurate films as some in Hollywood have felt it is okay to change God’s story; the truth is the script has already been written.  Chey in his interviews continues to encourage Christians to support Christian film makers even if the production is not the best because the talent is not quite there.  The truth is we should celebrate any work a Christian is doing that glorifies God.  Content and impact are always more important than visual effects. 



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