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Flash Mob, Alinsky Model?


Courtesy of Debby Wong/

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how flash mobs are nothing new.  Today we see flash mobs as something that is popular where a group of people show up for a choreographed purpose.  These flash mobs have existed for a long time.  We see them in the book of Acts were riots would start out of nowhere seemingly taking a page out of the Alinsky book Rules for Radicals.   Sad to say majority rules in America.   At the same time the majority of people in America love God.  We must remain awake.  Dr. King believed there were more good people than bad people in America and when they saw the injustice they would respond.  That was the turning point.  However, you must be willing to lay everything on the line and even be ready to go to jail if need be.  You just don’t want to be a person in the crowd.

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