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Home » Institutional Racism is just Flat Out Evil; Yet is this same “mindset” happening within the Church?

Institutional Racism is just Flat Out Evil; Yet is this same “mindset” happening within the Church?


image source: evangelicaoutpost
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss whether what has just happened with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers is actually embedded in the walls of the church? They continue to discuss how there are still some things that have to get right in the panhandle.  There are some historically tragic things that have been done to the first nation’s people that first inhabited this land as well as with others.  Our forefathers drove many of the people off the land and we have to deal with it before God.  They continue to discuss the many years that African Americans were oppressed in our country.  What has happened through the world has been horrific how much worse are the things that were done in the name of God that was not God at all i.e. burning crosses in the front lawns of African Americans.  
We must go back and repent for what was done in the name of God that was not God at all.  It was simply evil.  You will have a little more empathy for others when you understand a little bit about their journey.  It was just days ago that the monster of institutionalized racism was revealed from the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  This is crazy when you think about how some of the players and head coach are black, however isn’t this what is happening in much of the church.  It has been said that most segregated moment in America is Sunday morning.  There is segregation across the board in much of the church.  Greg continues to share how he lived a desegregated life prior to giving his life to the Lord and going to church.  No matter what God has called us to we must not forget that God called us to make disciples of the nations.  The word nations in the Greek means ethnos; which is also where the word ethnic derives from.  How can we disciple the nations/ ethnos if we still have institutionalized racism in the church?  They share several situations where they have heard of racism in the church for instance what happened to Derrick Grice.   Derrick Grice,  an African America black male believer, attended church with a white lady, who is also a believer, she sat by him, worshiped God with him and even fell under the power of God right beside him in a church building for five years but still didn’t know him. When Derrick was praying in the parking lot of the church building she called the police on him saying he was looking in the car windows.  This must not exist from those who consider themselves family.  They discuss the racism that has occurred through the years and in particularly  that has occurred in Pensacola as Greg shares the journey he has been on to better understand the plight of the African Americans.  They further discuss how the issue of racism in Pensacola has even been discussed by the college professor of FlaglerCollege in a recent talk he titled “Beyond Integration: The Black Freedom Struggle in Pensacola, Florida 1960-1980”.  We are called to disciple the nations how can we do that if we can’t reach the person across the street of another race?  We don’t have a black church, white church, a Hispanic church or Asian church, we have one church of which Jesus Christ is its head.  The only thing we can do is repent and relate to each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We need another Azusa Street revival; a move of God that includes both genders, people of all ages and of all ethnic groups.  Lord would you do it again give us another move like Azusa again!

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