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Home » Kevin Durant NBA, Say’s Mom You’re the REAL MVP – Oklahoma Thunder

Kevin Durant NBA, Say’s Mom You’re the REAL MVP – Oklahoma Thunder


Courtesy of Oleksiy Naumov/

WATCH!  LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the touching speech NBA, Most Valuable Player, Keven Durant of the Oklahoma Thunders shared.  His speech was so touching as often times many people forget where they have come from and take pride in their success and the blessings they have been given.  In a seven minute speech Kevin spends 4:59 seconds talking about his mother.  He shares about their struggle and all the wonderful things she did for him and his brother so they could make it.  They continue to discuss how often times we believe the lie that what we have to say to someone is not that meaningful or significant and so we say nothing.  Kevin takes time in his acceptance speech to mention how a brand new player to the team put a note in his locker that said Kevin Durant MVP after some especially difficult games.  He expressed how much that meant to him.  Most of all Kevin in humility continues to share how his mother is the real MVP.  Greg and John both share from personal experience how remembering what people have done for them and looking back historically has helped them to enjoy the moment all the more because it just doesn’t happen.  We celebrate all the moms and all they have done.


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