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Home » Prophetic Warnings the Lord has made Known: There is more to come unless we repent

Prophetic Warnings the Lord has made Known: There is more to come unless we repent

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a prophetic warning the Lord has made known to them and how there is more to come unless the church repents.  Their desire in sharing what the Lord has shared with them is to share before these things come to pass that the church may respond and we can avoid the coming calamities.   They continue to discuss that often times when you are shown somecbsthing regarding the center of the country and or the Midwest it’s regarding the heart of America.  They share several night visions the Lord has given them regarding what is to come.  John shares of a dream the Lord gave him regarding how he saw the Midwest totally destroyed. The Lord showed him details regarding the attack that would come to America at a time in which she was very vulnerable.   Greg shares how the Lord showed him that we are going to be in for a physical battle.  He saw the navy base attacked as well as people dressed in radical Islamic garb.  Greg also shares about a tornado that he was shown that many did not pay attention to because of its small size at first but then suddenly the tornado that was in the air falls crashing down to the ground and turns to water.  This physical aspect of the battle coming to America will be so tragic that it will take an airline to transport the corpses all around the nation.    They even discussed what Brett saw regarding our Air Force in a dog fight with red airplanes.  Dear God we see what is coming to America grant us a spirit of repentance.  Here we are God forgive us for our idolatry and send us as ones who will stand in the gap so you will not have to destroy our nation.

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