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The Secret to a BLESSED Life

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LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat, and Steve discuss the secret to having a blessed life.  They discuss how many today want blessing and prosperity in their life and are willing to do anything in some cases to acquire what they perceive as wealth.  However they continue to discuss that wealth comes from God.  Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth and he adds not trouble to it.”  There is such a thing as ill- gotten gain and any gain that comes from evil and deceptive practices always comes with trouble.  Many desire to have a blessed life and God desires to bless their life but there is a secret, a way, a key that opens the door for the blessing of the Lord upon our lives.  Many today want God’s hand upon their life and desire his blessing but are they willing to positions themselves to receive the blessing of the Lord.  Nehemiah said because “the gracious hand of the Lord was upon me the King granted my request.”  When God puts His hands on us things happen and blessings come upon us and overtake us.  Some desire the blessing apart from doing what they need to do to be blessed.  They continue to share that the secret to having a blessed life is to live an obedient life before the Lord by living a life that lines up with God’s word, His will, and His ways.  They further discuss how the many blessings found in Deuteronomy 28 that come upon those who fully obey the Lord.   The secret is quite simple – obedience.  It’s just simply foolish and futile to expect a blessing from God when living a disobedient life.  The Lord’s blessings are in great abundance for he surely knows how to bless those who are truly His.


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Proverbs 10:22, Deuteronomy 28

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