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Home » The Winter is Over! The Opportunity for a Third Great Awakening is Soon Upon Us: Dutch Sheets

The Winter is Over! The Opportunity for a Third Great Awakening is Soon Upon Us: Dutch Sheets

Courtesy of Vitalii Bashkatov/
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat share a prophetic word that was recently released confirming what has been upon their hearts and the hearts of so many others. Looking back at the history of our nation, the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit broke out during the darkest hours. The 40 year curse that has been upon America has been broken. There is a coming wave of signs, wonders, and miracles upon the face of the earth that can only be described as a tsunami. This is the moment of our generation to be found faithful in what God is about to do. Find out what God is doing in your generation and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Gordon Lindsey, Celebrate America, Dutch Sheets, and Christ for the Nations.

Dutch Sheets Prophetic Word Clip

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