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Times that Test Men’s Souls

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we are soon to be facing times that test men’s souls.  They encourage us to cry out for God’s grace.  Jesus has already saved the world you just have to accept Him.  There is a grace that God supplies to you so that you don’t have to leave your post.  At the same time there are those who are trying to save their ungodly businesses from destruction.  They should just stay destroyed.  The Barna Group says 97% of people don’t even read their Bible and only 3% of Christians actually honor God with their tithes.  If we get our act together and turn back to God we may be sparred.  We will be blessed when we turn back to God.  They encourage us to shake off everything that makes our flesh feel good.  They continue to discuss how sudden disaster comes upon one’s life.  God does not delight in disaster but instead delights in the turning of our hearts to Him.  God wants to save your souls and fulfill your destiny.  We are at the very beginning of the testing of men’s souls more than ever it is important to understand the blessing of God on our life and on our nation and respond to him appropriately.  They continue to discuss how often times we enable folks.  Many times the prodigal son is taken care of by people and he or she never feels the full extent of their sin.  The church is not a first aid station.  The church is an extension of the love of God in hopes that people’s eyes would be open to turn to Him.  Our prayers should be “Dear Lord if you ever entrust me with provision again I will use it for your glory.” 


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