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VFNRadio First Hour May 19, 2014



Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God- Is this is still a reality for Today?
Greg, John, and Pat have a sobering conversation as they remember a sermon from the 1741 preached by Jonathan Edwards. Where is the God preached in that sermon? Has God changed or have we changed?  Find out more about this gripping message and so much more. Also shared in this segment: New England, wrath, anger, love, saved, Bill Weise, agony, hell, airlines, and tsunamis.
Christian Pregnant woman sentenced to Prison because she would not recant her faith: Sudan
Greg, John, and Pat share about the reality of Meriam Ibrahim; a woman recently imprisoned in Sudan. Her situation, why she was imprisoned, and the accusations against her will absolutely alarm you. Are actions like this being encouraged and supported in America? Find out and so much more. Also discussed in this segment: CBN, the Bible, the Koran, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, persecutions, and Visas.
Chinese HACKERS Charged with Espionage on U.S.
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent allegations that are falling upon China right now. Ironically enough, the question is who is charging China? Is this another “shiny object” that we’ve seen in the media?  Find out the details and so much more. Also discussed in this segment: NSA, computers, iPhones, Ameros, and bit coins.
Barbra Walters has regrets after a long Career
Greg, John, and Pat share the recent outcome of Barbara Walter’s decision to retire. What she discovered as she recalls her career surfaced as a personal regret in her life. When we die, there are always two regrets. We can avoid the regrets of tomorrow by doing what is right today. Find out the details and so much more. Also shared in this segment: family, God, feminism, Whoopi Goldberg, Congresswoman, and Pensacola Christian College.
New Book: In Light of Eternity Leonard Ravenhill – a life given to Prayer, Repentance, and Revival.
Greg, John, and Pat share about the encouraging life story of man who lived life devoted to God with eternity’s values in view. His life continues to ask the question, “Is what you’re living for worth Christ dying for?”  An excerpt from his book gives a brief account of his early days: 
“…a band of young men full of faith and the Holy Ghost, to preach Christ to the multitudes unreached and unsought by the Churches. They will receive no salary. They will go as they are led, and they will live by faith. No collections will be taken, no subscriptions solicited, no favors begged. But they will tramp from place to place –preaching- testifying and singing in street; market place; village green and pleasure-beach; depending upon God for everything, and sleeping wherever a shelter can be found.”
Find out more of this man’s encouraging life and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Samuel Chadwich, economic downturn, moral decay, religion, Charles Stanley, Atlanta, prodigals, and love.



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