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VFNRadio First Hour May 26, 2014



The True Meaning of Memorial Day: We Remember
Greg, Steve, and Pat have an enlightening conversation reminding us about what Memorial Day is all about. As a veteran of the war in Iraq, Steve shares about a day in the life of what American soldiers endure in war, and also what it is like coming home to America. After enduring combat, holidays such as Memorial Day, are not about hot dogs, picnics, or a paid day off. This is a day to remember the cost of freedom that has been paid by so many. Listen to this heart felt conversation and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Arlington, IEDs, VA, PTSD, and Vietnam Veterans.
Dr. Ben Carson Says Veteran Affairs Crisis is Blessing in Disguise?
Greg, John, and Pat have a conversation about the recent response of Dr. Ben Carson toward the happenings with the Veteran Affairs. If this is what has happened with a few select veterans, what will it look like with 300 million Americans?  Political correctness needs to be replaced with civil discussion. Find out where the potential lies in America are and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Ben Carson, rocket scientists, servants, and Fox News.
Pope Francis Saying take down this wall in Israel is like telling A Police Officer to Take Off your Bullet Proof Vest
Greg, John, and Pat talk about a recent meeting that Israel’s Prime Minister and Pope Francis had while discussing the placement of Israel’s wall. The wall separates those who are for freedom and safety and those who are against it. Not having a wall of safety in Israel is like a police officer not wearing a bullet proof vest. They continue to share the happenings of Jews in Ukraine and Brussels and how they are under constant stress and attack. Find out how we must respond to Israel and so much more. Also shared in this segment:  Benjamin Netanyahu, Pope Francis, United Nations, and a 3rd Great Awakening.


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