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Supreme Court Voted President Obama Exceeded His Presidential Powers by bypassing Congress in Abnormal Recess Appointments

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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Pat and John bring clarity to what is happening in the government in these present moments. Recent decisions have been made by specific branches of government that contradict how they were originally designed to operate. From recent recesses exercised by the President, Congress has had to react expressing their majority vote against what has been taking place. There has been a narrative about the government not “moving fast enough”, or “people getting in their way”. When those “people” are referring to Congress; that is referring to “you” the American people; YOU ARE CONGRESS, CONGRESS IS YOU! As the church, there is a role to play and understanding that role empowers us to make a positive difference for God. Be encouraged as you learn how you can respond and so much more. Also shared in this segment: theCitizenship Test, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Constitution, Congress, CNN, narratives, NSA, CIA, and the FBI.


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