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VFNRadio First Hour June 20, 2014


VFNRadio First Hour June 20, 2014


The Jail of Jealousy and the Guards of Envy

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the jail of jealousy and the guards of envy.  They continued to discuss how many people today live behind prison bars.  They continue to discuss how often times others are blamed for the place people find themselves in.  Jealousy is defined as fearful or wary of being supplanted; resentful, bitter or envious.  The body of Christ has many parts.  We shouldn’t resist what God has called us to be but rather celebrate and function as He called us to function.   We need to listen to the five-fold ministry.  Let’s fix the confinement issue.  They continue to share how jealousy has affected not the world but some pastors in the church as they compare themselves by each other.  The key to being free from a spirit of jealousy is first being able to admit it.  Once you admit it you can break the hold that demonic spirit has had on you. Even though you have been forgiven now you need to renounce giving satan any authority in your life.  Just preach the gospel.  Titles mean nothing.  
Perspective Matters
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how perspective matters.  We must not believe the enemy’s lies and deception.  Whenever we are to weigh in on a matter it is important to seek perspective and that may involve a time of abiding and seeking God for a period of time to allow God to unfold to you what He wants you to see.  If we don’t Lucifer will deceive us into making wrong decisions and eventually into bondage.  Things are happening all around us to poke and nudge us to take action.  How we respond to this nudging and poking makes all the difference.  That’s why it’s important to have the right perspective when it comes to Jesus.  He is the exact representation of our invisible God.  Jesus did perfectly what we have consistently failed at.  He made all things and all things exist because of him. He is the supreme leader.  He is the one who watches over everything.  He knows everything that we are going through and the perspective we have regarding what we are going through.  Don’t look to others or yourself always look to Jesus for the right perspective on everything.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Greg, John, and Pat share just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  They continue to share how in Acts 16 Paul cast a demon out from a woman when he was irritated by what possessed her.  The demon that possessed her enabled her to discern spirits.  When that spirit was cast out of her the man that had enslaved that woman to make money, caused such an uproar that landed Paul and Silas bound in jail.  Paul was beaten and put into chains.  That didn’t have to happen.  However, Paul and Silas were not offended but instead praised God and their worship was so received in heaven that the jail shook and they were freed.  Even though you may be facing an imprisonment of your own doing, worship God and watch him respond to your worship.




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